Pyinfra that deploy my LXD server.
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Benoît S. 288968e47a Update passphrase 2 weeks ago
borgmatic.service Add stats to borgmatic 3 weeks ago
borgmatic.timer Change daily to 20:00:00 Asia/Tokyo 6 months ago
borgmatic.yaml Update passphrase 2 weeks ago
borgmatic.yaml_clear Reduce borg retention 3 weeks ago
haproxy.cfg Init 8 months ago Added Alpine support 3 weeks ago Don't dump events 2 months ago Add an echo 7 months ago
lxd.yml Init 8 months ago Add postfix main conf 3 weeks ago
nginx.default Init 8 months ago
ondemand.service Init 8 months ago
sasl_passwd Add sasl_passwd for postfix to relay to 3 weeks ago
set-cpufreq-performance Init 8 months ago
zfs-load-key.service Add mount for ZFS and zfs-load-key unit file 8 months ago
zfs-scrub.service Add zfs-scrub 8 months ago Add behind git-crypt 3 weeks ago
zfs-scrub.sh_clear Move zfs-scrub template to git-crypt file 3 weeks ago
zfs-scrub.timer Add zfs-scrub 8 months ago